A downloadable game for Windows

Ever wanted to fight people ONLY by hurting their feelings with mean words? OF COURSE YOU HAVE AND NOW YOU CAN!!!!!!!!

A Pokemon-esk battling game where you hurt your opponent with your mean words. Find the optimal insults for MAXIMUM DAMAGE!

Quit at any time (esc. key) to go to your upgrades screen to boost your skills and be meaner in the future. MAKE THOSE INSULTS HURT!!!!!

Game made for the Butterscotch Shenanijam 2019 using the theme "Cursemas Eve".


Sweet 16: art is restricted to a 16 bit color pallette.

Buttersmooth Tools: game made primarily using gamemaker studio 2 and inkscape.

Ultimate Idle: game autoplays after about 10 seconds from main menu.

One Punch Man: entire game plays with a left mouse click.

Tango: game made by a team of 2: Angry Muffin (art, script and design) and Philip Bear (programming and design).



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